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SCC Teachers and Students’ First Trip to Canadian Centennial College

SCC Teachers and Students’ First Trip to Canadian Centennial College

As the first Chinese-foreign cooperating higher vocational school, SCC attaches great importance to staff communication with Centennial College in Canada (referred to as CC hereinafter). We’ve sent administrative staff, professional teachers and language teachers to study and get trained in CC, and accepted CC faculty and students’ study group (FLIP program). However, our students want to find out the comprehensive strength, campus culture and teaching mode by themselves. In order to give students experience directly, SCC sent the first visiting group to CC from July 23rd to August 4th, 2018.

SCC visiting group arrived at YYZ, Toronto

Toronto local time 6:30 pm, July 23rd, SCC students and teachers arrived at YYZ after a 11700-kilometers-flight. The students were really thrilled to meet CC staff after passing the custom and colleting their luggage, although they were exhausted by the 13-hours trip.

During the 13-days session, students were arranged to study in business school and elementary education school in CC Progress campus, listening to lectures on Canadian history, culture, economy and politics, and exchanging opinions on lectures on awareness of global citizenship, students entrepreneurship and students career development, visiting library, classroom, training base, study area for students in Progress campus, Story Arts Center campus, Morningside campus and Ashtonbee campus. CC international office assigned a student ambassador to help with the campus tour, accommodation and transportation.

 (group photo of SCC teachers and students with CC student ambassador in front of Rogers Center and CN Tower)

Founded in 1966, Canadian Centennial College is a public college financed by Ontario province, which has 52 years of history and enjoys a good reputation among North American vocational education industry. Our first visiting group observed the educational facilities and its environment in 12 days and experienced the educational ideology and the overall understanding of CC. The brief introduction is listed hereunder.


(visiting the workshop in Somerville found by CC alumnus)

CC values experiential learning very much. Most of the CC faculty remain a long-term relationship with enterprises and encourage students to visit those enterprises or invite the entrepreneurs to come over and share experience. Students visiting the same enterprise would form a group and write a report afterwards. In order to give students accurate experience of working in a hotel, CC built an 8-floor building for hotel management, tourism and culinary art school students with dining hall, guest rooms and training rooms, whose facilities are the same as a star hotel. Students can cook and sell food at the Local restaurant at the first floor, which is run by teachers and students together. Teachers would teach etiquette and service manners every day. Customers of that hotel would have CC students serve them three meals a day, and evaluate students’ services. Students are capable of practicing their skills and knowledge through day-to-day training.

 (SCC teachers and students experienced American enterprise culture in Twitter branch in Toronto)

CC sets ACCEL (Accelerating Entrepreneurs and Leaders) to encourage students starting their own business. There are mentors helping students design and plan their career. During our visit, Gabriella Zoltan-Johan and Richard, the persons in charge, explained relevant knowledge on business pattern and start-up preparation, and shared the successful cases of CC students.

CC is excellent in integrating resources of government, enterprises, college teachers and international students and reinforcing the industry-university-research cooperation to optimize complementary advantages and resource sharing, promote scientific achievement into productive forces, and create a good environment for researchers. Mr. Jeziel Vedad, who is in charge of WIMTACH research center of CC, introduced its operating model and shared lots of successful cases about them applying research funds from Canadian or Ontario government.

After finishing two years of college curriculum in CC, most of the credits can be transferred by the students if they join one of the universities like University of Toronto, University of York, Trent University, Nipissing University, which offers lot of opportunities for students longing for further study. For example, the Nursing School in CC Morningside campus is next to one of University of Toronto’s campuses, and qualified students can apply relevant majors to University of Toronto. Or, after finishing two years of liberal arts diploma and getting 3.0 GPA, students can continue studying for 1.5 years in Trent University and can get a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Critical Thinking, or get Bachelor of Arts (Honours) if students continue studying for 2.5 years. Besides, CC maintains a steady collaborative relationship with Nipissing University, so students can continue the business management courses or business communication courses in CC instead of studying in Nipissing University if students have finished diploma program.

 (registration center for international students/students registration service hall)

 (CC library, green part is the indoor plants, providing refreshing oxygen for the building)

 (library and studying area in CC Progress campus)

 (self-print area in CC library, students can search online and print)

 (welcoming breadfast and general introduction of Canada given by CC International Office and Business School)

 (work show of CC media school students)

 (magazines planed and published by CC media school students)

 (training facilities for helicoptor and vehicle maintainance major students of CC transportation school)

 (training facilities for CC nursing school students)

 (restaurant completely run by CC students)

 (CC hotel school, there are cafeteria, guest room, dining hall, classroom, kitchen inside)

 (CC hotel school teacher is instructing students at The Local)

 (CC hotel school chef is teaching how to make Italian dumplings)

 (teachers and students watching local architecture in tour bus)

 (group photo of our visiting group at the Lake Ontario with CN Tower in the background)

 (Entranc to USA near Niagara Falls)

 (outdoor music festival at Niagara Lake Town)

 (One of the eight major natural landscapes, Niagara Falls)

 (street view of Niagara Falls town)


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